TRI-Care beneficiaries and military families we here at Automaticity extend a helpful hand to service men and women keeping us safe at home and abroad.
Message to Families
We here at changing behavior together, Inc. have been proudly serving the community for more than 15 years. Throughout the years our clients and their families have remained with us because of our dedication to individuals with disabilities.  We here at Automaticity, can make you one solemn promise, namely that we put you first.  Our service responsibilities do not end at 5:00pm on Fridays, we don’t punch in and punch out, when we decide to work with a family we strive to become part of that family and dedicate ourselves to the betterment of that family.  Join our family...
Why ABA?
 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a unique method for modifying behavior due to its high success rate and strong focus on scientific research.  ABA concentrates on explaining, describing and predicting behavior in human beings.  
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Not sure if our services our covered by your insurance?  Dont know how to pay for our services?  Visit our coverage page to learn more about our different plans and which insurance carriers we are providers for.
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Protecting those who protect us
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Here at changing behavior together, Inc. we have a strong focus on communication skills. We begin by taking a child that has little to no communication repertoire and slowly shape him into a walking talking person.  Take a tour of our language center.
Here at changing behavior together, Inc. we ackledge many behavior problems ranging from physical aggression to tantrums. We have decades of combined experience working with problem behaviors. Click below to learn more about how we deal with inappropriate behavior.
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In today's economy finding work can be difficult.  Visit our jobs section to see if you can join our network of deverse individuals.

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